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Government of Mali has expelled France’s ambassador

Mali’s military authorities have expelled the French ambassador after the French foreign minister made “outrageous” comments about the transitional government.France announced the recall of Joel Meyer, who had been given 72 hours to leave the country.

Last Monday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called the Mali junta “illegitimate” and “out of control.”Since the army seized power in August 2020, relations between the two countries have deteriorated.Tensions rose even higher this month when the junta reneged on a deal to hold elections in February and said that it would stay in power until 2025.

France has threatened to withdraw its soldiers from Mali, where they are fighting an Islamist insurgency. The former French colony in West Africa is now a landlocked country.French Defence Minister Florence Parly has accused Mali’s rulers of stepping up “provocations” of France.

Mr Meyer “was summoned and notified of a decision by the government inviting him to leave the national territory within 72 hours following hostile and outrageous comments by the French foreign affairs minister recently”, the Mali government said in a statement read on national television.

The French Foreign Affairs ministry confirmed it was recalling their ambassador soon after.Since 2013, French forces have been stationed in Mali. It got involved after Islamist extremists took control of portions of the north. Mali’s army has retaken the land with the support of France, but Islamists are waging a brutal insurgency across the Sahel region.
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