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Governor Alfred Mutua: Bad Days Ahead for BBI after Governor’s Scolding


The outspoken governor of Machakos, Dr.Alfred Mutua, yesterday admitted that senator Kang’ata’s letter held so much meaning despite its form of delivery. He insisted that, even though the senator lacked the decorum to deliver his message to the President, people cannot dismiss the truth in it.

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Unfortunately, the supporters of BBI contradict the senator’s intentions, but the Machakos governor says that he will continue to be right. In the letter, it is said that the senator had addressed the issue of the BBI committee using the government’s resources to accomplish their agenda. He claimed that it is wrong to utilize CS’s, CAS, and PCs to drive BBI to Kenyans.
On the other hand, the Maendeleo Chap Chap Party leader stressed the committee’s importance in producing hard copies for Kenyans to read. This will help them in understanding the content and making decisive decisions during the referendum.

Also, he noted that it is worrying for Kenyans because most of them, especially those in the country’s rural areas, have not been able to internalize the inside’s of the report. Furthermore, this provides Ruto with an opportunity to add salt to the wound on BBI campaigns by winning more souls to his side in fighting against it.

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According to Gov. Alfred Mutua, BBI is not refurbishing the constitution; it is even making it worse (Ukarabati tu). People are allegedly considering the President as a leader who is winding up his tenure and not one who can gear up political reforms but can be a pain in the ass for Senator Kang’ta. Therefore, he should have been careful with how he addressed the most powerful man in Kenya, the governor warned.

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