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Grow the F**k up, Lilian Nganga Shouts to a fan for Questioning about Governor Mutua

The once supper couple is no more! It has been months now since Governor Alfred Mutua and Lilian Nganga mutually agreed to separate for reasons best known by themselves.

Lilian Nganga immediately jumped into a relationship with Kenyan Hip Hop artist, Juliani who are currently moving on well, enjoying each moment together something that has not been received well by majority of Kenyans.

One would wonder why move from a posh life to a street life but again who said men in t-shirts and jeans ain’t loaded?!

Life is all about finding peace and comfort of mind, thus, I guess Nganga finds peace in the street life posed by the Utawala hit marker.

Some celebrities including Nonini and many more came out in defense of the artist asking Kenyans to respect their love life and the choice they made as allegations of some life threatening had emerged.

On the other hand, Governor Alfred Mutua is seen to have been affected by the move his ex wife took as he has went ahead to shade off his ambition to seek the topmost seat in the Kenyan politics.

Through her Instagram, Lilian asked onliners to stop flooding messages to people timelines after they are no more instead, utilize the moment to praise and appreciate each other while one is still alive.

One fan came along to pose a question whether she appreciates the governor for changing her life, but instead, the party girl turned violent on the fan and bashed him instead.

What is your take on this?! Leave your comment on the comment box.

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