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Guardian Angel wise message to Andrew Kibe for attacking wife

Guardian Angel famously known for his gospel Music hits and offlate a husband to Esther Musilia who made him trend for a while finally speaks his heart out

The young man fell in love with a too way elderly beautiful lady Esther something that did not make many happy but in the end he overcame.

With all the trolls online and negative feedbacks he however managed to let the world know that love can be found anywhere.

Among the negative energy from citizen Andrew kibe media personality was among the people who felt that Guardian was making a mistake in life.

The controversial Kibe is known by many for meddling into people’s business and giving his opinion on what he thinks is right.

Nevertheless in an interview with plug tv Guardian Angel was asked what he felt on the comment given to kibe.

So intelligent he said that he had no time to argue with people for their opinions since that’s what they think as long as he was okay with the descion he made.

He however, added that if he decided to follow people’s opinions at this point the same people would not offer him what his wife can being that they can’t go sleep with him or give him those kissses.

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