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Handling presidential election case is not easy, Mutunga tells Koome

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has warned Chief Justice Martha Koome that if a presidential election petition is filed, she could expect a difficult time. Handling a presidential election petition, according to Dr. Mutunga, is one of the most contentious judgments a Chief Justice can make, “and even if King Solomon handled it, he would still be criticized.”“Handling the presidential election petition is the most difficult that even if you get Solomon, he will be driven out of town,” he said.

Mutunga presided over the presidential election petition in 2013, in which he certified President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election alongside fudges Philip Tunoi, Jackton Ojwang, Mohamed Ibrahim, Smokin Wanjala, and Njoki Ndungu. The former CJ was addressing at the University of Nairobi for the launch of his book, Beacons of Judiciary Transformation. Between 2012 and 2016, he served as Chief Justice of the United States, and the book is a collection of his speeches, publications, and judicial decisions.
Mutunga commented on the 2013 decision, saying he received equal amounts of criticism and praise. “I was even warned they were going to start calling me Chief Injustice,” Mutunga added. “But it was the thundering response I received at Kasarani Stadium when I went to swear in President Kenyatta that got me thinking, and I wondered what would happen if it was Kisumu or Kitui.” “They would have stoned me,” says the narrator. He also discussed his concerns with trying to streamline the judiciary, including changing the locks on some offices to evict auditors who refused to listen to him.
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