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Harriet Robson’s father has released a statement on Mason Greenwood and his daughter.

Harriet Robson’s father says she is ‘absolutely upset’ that domestic abuse charges against Mason Greenwood have surfaced after her phone was ‘hacked.’

Manchester United has suspended the attacker until further notice, and he will be unable to train or play for the club. It comes after Robson accused Greenwood of domestic abuse in a series of photographs and audio files she posted on her Instagram page on Sunday morning.

The gory images showed a number of cuts and bruises on Robson’s body and she captioned the first picture as: ‘To everyone that wants to know what Mason Greenwood actually does to me’Two officers visited Robson’s home earlier this morning to take a statement from her over the accusations.

But her father claims Robson says her phone was ‘hacked’ and she’s ‘devastated’ that her relationship with Greenwood has deteriorated.

‘The first thing we knew about this was at 6am this morning. It is dreadful. I’m just coming to terms with it all,’ Mr Robson told the Daily Mail. ‘As a father you don’t want to know things like that happening to your daughter. The police have been round and she has made a statement to them.

‘She has told us her phone has been hacked. We told her to take it down, which she has done but it’s out there now so it is too late.

‘She is devastated because she didn’t want it released. We have known him since the under 21s. He has been part of our family for two or three years.
‘Their relationship has not been good for the last few months. She is completely devastated by it all.
‘They were very much in love and have been together for a while. The police are dealing with it now.’
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