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He is a bully! Radio queen Kamene Goro reveals why she doesn’t interact with comedian Mulamwa.

Kamene, who was speaking during an interview with comedian Obinna’s Kulacooler show on Monday, was posed a question on why she does not like the comedianKamene Goro, a radio broadcaster, has stated that she does not want comedian Mulamwah to apologize for body-shaming her on social media.
Kamene was asked why she doesn’t like comic Obinna during an interview on Monday with comedian Obinna’s Kulacooler show.

Mulamwah, according to Kamene, made nasty things about her on social media and is a bully who masks his true nature with comedy.“Mulamwah is a bully, and he thinks just because he’s a comedian, it’s okay for him to be a bully. I didn’t know him from here, to Timbuktu and back. I posted a picture, he went and wrote something extremely hateful, and I was like boss, ata sikujui, nimekukosea wapi? And I checked him on it,” said Kamene.

The bad blood between the two began after Kamene in 2020 posted a photo of herself and comedian Ronoh posing in a pool. Mulamwah replied to the photo saying that if the two women were to sit inside the pool, all the water would pour out. “Mulamwah bullied me online. So I posted a picture with Ronoh and we were sitting at the swimming pool rooftop at my place. Mulamwah comes to the comment section and said if the two of us get into the pool, all the water pours out,” said Kamene during a 2020 interview. Kamene said she once met Mulamwah, who tried to brush off his statements as social media stunts and the radio host did not accept his apology.

Kamene further admitted that her confidence is what keeps her going and that a less confident person would not survive the bullying.
“I met Mulamwah at a summit at Sarit, we were eating and chilling, and Mulamwah comes in and says Mambo? And I was like no, and then he said, lakini unajua inakuanga tu jokes, ni social media, I told him shukuru Mungu that I have the confidence that I have, but you can’t just go and say something extremely abusive, derogatory and belittle them. I don’t know you, the first time I met you ulinitukana and we’ll never be friends,” she said.
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