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Here is Why Raila Kicked Obado Out of the Podium during an ODM Party Meeting


On Monday, 8th February 2021, the ODM Party held a meeting at the Ciala Resort. During the meeting, Migori Governor Okoth Obado received an embarrassing reaction from Raila Odinga. The governor came late for the meeting and went straight for the podium where other governors and panellists, including top political leaders, were reserved.

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Raila Odinga, who was giving his opening remarks, was unimpressed by the governor’s late arrival to a crucial Party meeting, asked him to sit among the general attendees. Unwillingly, Governor Obado made his way among the rest of the audience invited to strengthen support for the Building Bridges Initiative.

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Even so, the harsh reaction of the former Prime Minister to Obado is allegedly claimed to have been triggered by his late arrival to a meeting considered groundbreaking for the BBI campaigns. Furthermore, he shamelessly made straight for the podium where the ODM Party leader was addressing the attendees.