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Hopeless Afande Sele Commits Blasphemy


The veteran bongo fleva artiste who has struggled to remain relevant in the advent of new-age bongo superstars has found himself in a rage of emotional breakdown. Afande Sele is one artist who has never shied away from speaking his mind and letting people know his stand and beliefs in societal issues.

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In an audible outburst that has since gone viral, the depressed Afande Sele is heard cursing God, and he even goes further by saying that he does not believe in the existence of the supreme high. For had he been there, he would not have allowed his subjects, who time without measure quote the name of God, to undergo so many tribulations in this cruel world. He says he is better off worshiping trees, bhang, or even the Sun than rather worship God Almighty, who could not even intervene for the fallen president Magufuli whom he claims had a deep reverence for. He dares anybody who can kneel and beseech God Almighty to kill him to do so see if he’s going to be dead.