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How to make your woman want you more!

1. Be Tolerant
There is no better way to show someone you love them than to freely forgive and forget. Keeping a grudge will not help your relationship.

2. Make her feel unique.
When you learn how to make a girl feel special, you’re already halfway to winning her heart.

On the other hand, you don’t have to be the richest person on the planet to make a lady feel special.

This category includes anything you can do for her that she would interpret as thoughtful, kind, and sweet.

For example, the next time you go grocery shopping, assist her in getting some groceries. Has she had a difficult day at work? Drive over to her house with a platter of her favorite foods.

3. Be truthful with her.
Pause before addressing a sensitive issue, and do so in a way that initially makes her feel good before addressing the issue that may be difficult to hear.

Trust me: if you practice on the small stuff, you’ll have her respect and trust when it comes to the bigger, more difficult truth.

4. Tell her she’s stunning.
Women who hear their husbands compliment them on their beauty become more beautiful. Men who tell their wives they’re beautiful believe it more each time the words leave their mouths.

Expressed love = beauty; beauty = romance. It’s a win-win situation. It also doesn’t hurt to back up your words with some thoughtful text.

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