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Huddah Monroe speaks out on friends who betrayed her

Controversial Kenyan socialiate Huddah Monroe who never stops speaking her heart out talks about why she can’t trust anyone.

With the current generation people are always asked to be careful about their friends but most of them don’t listen until they have learnt.

Most people who thought are friends to them but in the end ended up turning their back on them dispute spending most of the time together.

Huddah being amongest people who have experienced what it means to never trust those you call friends expressed what happened.

She said that she is one person who would like twenty girls in her house almost everyday drinking alcohol and taking khat.

To her surprise those same people she had to hidt in her house ended up betraying her big time despite their friendship.

Since the Huddah said she had learnt not to trust anyone and for that reason her friends do not know where she stays.

“I used to be the girl with almost 20 girls in my house daily drinking and chewing khat. They all betrayed me. I am very scared on trusting anyone to that level. My friends don’t even know where I stay.”Huddah Monroe words.

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