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I almost died of depression. Maria actor Luwi opens up – Sunsetkenya


Depression is real. It hits up badly when it knocks. This is a story of the famous Luwi, Maria actor opening up after he falls out with the lover of his life accusing him of cheating.

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He is known for his prowess in dealing with matters of the heart and how he clads to leave ladies’ pants wet. Brian Ogana, popularly known as Luwi is one brave and industrious actor who has made many Kenyans glued to the TVs every evening.

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The character he plays in the famous Maria has made him known and many identified him as the best of the rest.

Talking about his past to Fridah Mwaka, the father of two surprised his fans by saying that he once suffered depression.

Opening up, Luwi talked of his falling out with his by then lover who threw him out of there residence only to find out the lady burnt down all his favorite suits accusing him of cheating her.

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Luwi fall into a depression that lasted for long. His friends and family members were not ready to listen to anything from him apart from the blame games they all believed in.

“People did not want to hear my side of the story and just accepted the rumors they heard. That was the darkest point of my life and I would never wish it upon anyone,” he narrated.

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Much happened in between and at some point, he lost his relationship with his creator due to living a life without a purpose.

With the introduction of Maria Tv Show, Ogana has found new attachments and now he is busy and happier than before.

Watch the Interview HERE:

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