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IEBC warns that it is facing financial shortage that will affects its preparations for the August 9 election

The IEBC has released details of its Sh41 billion general election budget, revealing that the commission will spend up to Sh120 per person on voter registration audits. The commission calculated that reviewing the voter record and verifying voters would cost Sh2.6 billion, or Sh120 per voter. Only 2.5 million new voters were registered, very short of the six million projection.

The Sh120 figure takes into account the fact that the recently completed mass voter registration brought the total number of registered voters to 22.2 million. The review will likely erase the names of people who’resurrect on election day, vote, and then return to their graves.’ Unless the budget is increased, it will most likely be executed on a smaller scale due to a lack of cash.
The planned budget was submitted on Tuesday to the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee, which will make recommendations about shortfalls and other issues. The National Assembly will then approve it.The commission is expected to contract an independent firm to audit the voters roll. The final register is expected to be gazetted on May 2.

The commission’s budget breakdown also shows Sh648 million will be spent on meals for election officials.Usually, election officials and security personnel at polling stations are served packed meals and water as well as snacks. Of the Sh41 billion allocations to the IEBC, Sh22 billion has been set aside in the current budget while Sh18 billion will be factored in the next budget.

The IEBC has already given notice of the August 9 general election in which ODM leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto are considered frontrunners.According to the IEBC budget tabled before the National Assembly’s Justice and Legal Affairs Committee, the commission has allocated Sh2.56 billion for voter registration.

A chunk of the money, according to the data, has gone to the voter listing that netted 2.5 million new voters. The budget shows Sh7.5 billion will purchase election materials including ballot papers, ballot boxes, indelible ink and so on.Officials who will preside over the vote will be paid Sh6.07 billion.The commission has mapped over 53,000 polling stations. The ICT department will get Sh4.5 billion for ICT-related purchases and operations, the details show.

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