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Ignored red flags in my relationship now I regret what my husband did to my kids

A lady explains how her marriage turned to be the worst from what she expected I her life after her husband had to do this.

Ignoring of red flags as they say made her come to realize ten years later that she was supposed to be careful.

At 20 years the middle aged lady met her 53 year old man who used to say that he wanted a barren lady since he just wanted a punching bag.

The young girl at the moment ignored what he said since he was a very loving and caring man who bought her even presents.

Years later after she gave birth to her kids the worst us said to happen when the man did the unthinkable to his children.

He used to pleasure himself Infront if his kids not minding the damage he was causing in their life’s and in top of that he also used to touch her son as she changed his diapers.

The lady now in regret the she would not ignore what was being done to her kids since their own father made their life’s miserable.

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