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INTERNATIONAL COURT of Justice orders Uganda to pay DR Congo USD325 million over a brutal war in mineral-rich Ituri region two decades ago.

Uganda has been sentenced to pay the Democratic Republic of Congo $325 million (£240 million) for its role in the conflict there. Uganda had breached international rules as an occupying power between 1998 and 2003, according to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Uganda was found to be guilty for the deaths of 10-15,000 individuals in the eastern Ituri region, according to the judges. Gold, jewels, and timber were also looted by Ugandan troops.

The Democratic Republic of Congo had sought $11 billion, but the courts disregarded various sections of the claim and settled on a far lesser figure.The ICJ ordered Uganda to pay five annual instalments of $65m between 2022 and 2026, with the first instalment due in September.Uganda had argued that the billions demanded by DR Congo would destroy its economy. The court said its order would be “within the capacity of Uganda to pay”.

The $325m covers:
$225m for damages to persons
$40m for damages to property
$60m for the looted resources
In its judgment, the court said: “The reparation awarded to the DRC for damage to persons and to property reflects the harm suffered by individuals and communities as a result of Uganda’s breach of its international obligations.”

In 1999, the Democratic Republic of Congo filed a complaint against Uganda for acts of armed aggression against it and its nationals. Ugandan soldiers were accused of looting and human rights crimes, according to the report. For decades, armed factions have wreaked devastation in the mineral-rich eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. In the 1990s, Ugandan and Rwandan armies invaded its much bigger neighbor, the Democratic Republic of Congo, twice, partnering with local militias to overthrow the government.
They claimed that they acted to prevent the violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo from spreading across their borders. The verdict was deemed unjust by Uganda. Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka questioned why Ugandan troops had been “singled out” in a fight involving numerous different armies.He did not say whether Uganda would pay the reparations but said it would continue to “engage with” the Congolese government to resolve the issue. The court’s decision is final with no recourse to appeal, but the world court has no means of enforcing its verdict.
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