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Is Jimmi Kibaki eying the Kenyan top seat?

It has been a trend to see sons of former Kenyan presidents joining politics and in the long run, just like their parents, they would eye for the Kenyan top seat. Therefore, Jimmi Kibaki is not exceptional.

Jimmi Kibaki is the eldest son to former president Mwai Kibaki. His political ambition was not known but he has been in the public eye for quite some time.

Through a conference, the young Kibaki introduced his new Political Party, The New Democrats, TND, where he is the deputy party leader. When asked whether they will field a presidential candidate in the coming election, Jimmi said they will not field a candidate but they are seeking to form a coalition with other parties and at the same time they are trying to see and field more than 50 members of parliament through their newly formed party.

The ambitious politician disclosed that his father’s biggest wish is to see a peaceful election and urged voters to reject anyone who incites them to violence.

“My father, Mwai Kibaki, would wish Kenya to have a peaceful election and I’m passing this message on behalf of him.

“Politics isn’t a matter of life and death. Elections come and pass, and I don’t understand why you should attack your brother or sister,” he remarked.

TND is wishing to vie for the Nyeri Gubernatorial seat where Jimmi will be a running mate for Thuo Mathenge who is the main candidate.

Will TND make it to the top?

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