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Jalang’o denies being on Tinder

Felix Odiwour, better known as Jalang’o or Jalas, a prominent actor, comedian, and radio host who is now a political candidate, has addressed rumors that he is on Tinder, one of the world’s most popular dating services. Jalang’o shared an image of the app’s page, revealing that a 30-year-old man named Peter is now using Jalango’s photo on his profile. Probably to fool people into thinking he was the comedian. He captioned the screenshot, “Someone tell Peter to stop playing…” accompanied with laughing emojis.

According to reports, a catfish on the app has been utilizing the comedian’s photos for nefarious purposes. Why would someone want to catfish if they didn’t have to? The catfish, however, chose a different profile name than the images of the man’s identity that he’d just stolen. He was somewhat stupid because if you’re going to employ a prominent person, you’ve got to play it well!
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