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Jalang’o in Trouble for Hosting the Married “Twins”


Jalang’o, a renowned media personality, has found himself in trouble yet again after he hosted a recent controversial interview on a couple alleged to be twins on his YouTube channel.

A government agency has forwarded the issue to the Director of Criminal investigations probing Jalang’o for promoting immorality in his show. The show, which is dubbed as Bonga Na Jalas, has promoted corruption. According to the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) led by Ezekiel mutual, the show is going against the social norms.

Consequently, Ezekiel Mutua had directed a professional lawyer to follow up with the matter and take action against the show’s host and its panelists for producing inappropriate content. He stressed that the show is cultivating a seed of immorality among the youths.

“We had a connection since we were little, then we realized we were meant for each other. Our parents and friends disowned us, they said it was a sin, and we got kicked out,” Lexy revealed in the videos.

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Earlier, the KFCB Boss warned that he would do anything to protect the youth’s interest and maintain the African moral fabric. This is because the media had started to perpetuate immorality that he considered anti-social.

Brian and Lex Chiweru, who are identical twins, disclosed that they have been close since their childhood and later realized they were biologically unrelated look alike. These are called doppelgangers but after growing up in the same neighborhood, and later started to date, which led to their parents being thrown out.

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