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Jamuhuri sports complex open

After long awaits for the president to open Jamuhuri sports complex, finally Kenyans are now revealed this is after his announcement.

The cabinet secretary Amina Mohammed had however mentioned that on Friday the president would probably open the stadium.

The stadium located along Ngong road has been under construction since August 2020 .

“Today is a very historic day. My colleagues and I have worked very hard to make sure that he (President Kenyatta) achieves his vision ( the construction of Jamhuri Sports Complex),” said Amina ahead of the launch by the head-of-state.

“He wanted to make sure that the same young people who were using this space before continue to have access to it, so that is why we focused on the sports that were being played here before which is football and rugby…hopefully we can continue to develop it, probably volleyball court.”

The president nevertheless yesterday opened the stadium officially stating that people would use it for free a relieve to many Kenyans.

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