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Journalist Kimani Mbugua narrates how he went mad and lost everything due to drug abuse after landing a lucrative job at Citizen TV.

Kimani Mbugua is a symbol of optimism, good fortune, and resilience to many people, particularly on social media. Kimani secured a job at Nation FM while still in the middle of his undergraduate studies at Moi University, and his career took off. He was promoted to an Entertainment news reporter and producer at the Nation Media Group in 2016, when he was still in his early twenties (NMG). He co-hosted several shows during this time, including the Trend with Larry Madowo.

Later, he joined Citizen TV, where he broadcasted news segments from various sections of the country. Kimani was the excellent role model for many people who wished to work in the media profession. Kimani began to struggle with mental problems two years after joining Citizen TV, and things began to go wild. In a recent podcast, the media celebrity explains how things went wrong, leading to his worst breakup ever, mental illness, and the loss of everything he had worked for.
Kimani claims he became addicted to pot after starting to smoke it. He developed various psychiatric disorders as a result of his addiction, and he was eventually sent to Mathari Mental Hospital. He got admitted twice in 2020. The media figure also discusses his breakup, which he describes as “brutal,” and how it left him resentful and frustrated. As a result, he explains why his viral outburst made headlines after he left the SDA Church and became an atheist. “I was unsatisfied. I started straying because I wasn’t getting the satisfaction I desired from the relationship. When my then-girlfriend found out, she was enraged. I found myself in a situation where I needed to repair two relationships. “This led to the worst break-up I’ve ever had,” he explained.
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