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Juju Aside,What If…. – Sunsetkenya

So many narratives have been shared and discussed left, right, and center as to just how a billionaire’s daughter for heaven’s sake could have possibly fallen deeply in love with an old poor guy. The two lovebirds have been portrayed as being worlds apart, at least socio-economically. What was there between the two heartthrobs has been depicted to be anything but love. Some have intimated that Tecra Muigai must have under some sort of black Juju locally called wende cast on her by her lover boy, Omar Lali.

For those who might not yet be in the know, wende is a form of a love potion or charm administered by a witch doctor to whoever has sought the witchdoctor’s services. It essentially works as a catalyst for one to woo the desired suitor. It could be in different forms, and not limited to pricks to the body by the witchdoctors knife or razor, beads that one can put in a wallet, etc. Now, as to how the wende is to be used, is wholly under the witchdoctor’s precise instructions.

Now that it has emerged that Omar Lali was known to Tecra Muigai since 2017, I want to throw a spanner in the works and drop a question, what if? What if, the two sweethearts did love each other truly? What if, theirs was a love brewed on mutual grounds? Circumstances under which the two met, as has been told by Omar’s cousin, wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Omar’s cousin says that it was just a normal friendship that later on blossomed into an intimate relationship.

Unknown to most people, there’s an incident that occurred way back in 2017 in a hotel just at the time Tecra was checking out that perhaps endeared Omar Lali to Tecra. There was a heated argument between the hotel’s cashier and Tecra Muigai about unsettled bills. As all that was unfolding, Omar Lali happened to have brought in luggage for some visiting tourists. And in the midst of the scuffle, he recognized Tecra as a guest that he had brought in to the hotel. Omar Lali settled the disputed bill and walked out with Tecra. Tecra is said to have been totally awed by Omar’s act. And that’s when they exchanged contacts, a friendship formed, and as they say the rest is history.

Omar Lali must have been a chivalrous old guy who knows very well the right buttons to press. He understands well how to communicate what and when to a lady. Tecra Muigai was perfectly smitten by the nature of Omar Lali. Tecra was determined to see her relationship work; she even introduced Omar to her relatives who instead turned Omar Lali away. Tecra’s relatives fought hard to make sure the relationship doesn’t see the light of day but the commitment that their meeting brought, no one could separate the two.

Until when she met her death, Tecra was still Omar Lali’s girlfriend.

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