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Kakamega residents strip a bodaboda rider

Weeks after an incident of a few of boda boda riders assualted a young lady by taking off her clothes not minding her self esteem another similar case happens.

A bodaboda riders in Kakamega ended up being stripped by angry mob for trying to steal from a lady selling cabbages.

Juma the victim was accused if stealing an amount of ksh 200 .

The young man faced an embarrassing moment when the angry mob did the unthinkable to this young man.

Instead of even beating him up or taking him to the nearest police station as we oftenly know that’s what happens to thief’s

Juma was forced to strip infront of the huge crowd where they constantly mocked the man as they escorted to his home naked.

A lesson to man young youths out there trying to do fishy things thinking they may be lucky to escape but may end up like the rest experience worse from the angry crowd.

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