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KBC Board appoints Samuel Maina (left) as acting MD of the state broadcaster, replacing Dr Naim Bilal (right) whose term expired on March 19.

The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) has selected Samuel Maina as the Acting Managing Director (MD) of the media house. This comes after the departure of Naim Bilal, whose contract with the company concluded on March 19, 2022. “To ensure the corporation’s continuity and smooth operation, the Board of Directors held a special Board meeting today (March 25, 2022) and appointed Samuel Maina to the position of Acting Managing Director with immediate effect, until the position is substantively filled through a competitive process,” said Benjamin Maingi, the board’s chairperson.

“The Board would like to express its gratitude to Dr. Naim Bilal for his contributions to the corporation,” Maingi said. “On behalf of the board, please join me in congratulating Mr. Samuel Maina, Ag. Managing Director, on his appointment, and we wish him all the best in his new post,” the Chairman said in a statement announcing the shift. He urged all employees to provide Mr. Maina their full support and collaboration in order to provide efficient and effective service delivery. Eng. Maingi also congratulated Dr. Bilal on behalf of the Board and the KBC community for his contributions to the public broadcaster.
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