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Kenya Police has Dismissed fears of a looming terror attack in Nairobi following alert by France & Germany Embassies.

Following a warning from France and Germany, Kenya Police spokesman Bruno Shioso rejected worries of a coming terror assault.

Shioso stated on Friday that the National Police Service (NPS) has yet to receive formal notifications from any foreign countries regarding a probable terror attack this weekend in the country.

Shioso, on the other hand, assured Kenyans of their safety, citing increased security in Nairobi and other major cities around the country.
His remarks follow a warning made by the French and German governments on Thursday, in which the two countries informed their citizens now resident in Kenya of the possibility of a terror attack in Nairobi targeting foreigner-friendly areas.
The German embassy in Kenya also advised its residents to be cautious when out in public and to avoid congested areas.This includes hotels, restaurants, leisure spots and commercial centers in the Capital.
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