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Kenya strongly opposes the undermining of the sovereignty & territorial integrity of Ukraine during the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

Kenya has released the complete text of its UN ambassador’s remarks at the emergency Security Council meeting. According to Martin Kimani, Kenya and many other African countries were “birthed” with the end of colonialism and were unable to define their own borders. Rather than pursuing nations based on “ethnic, racial, or religious homogeneity,” which may lead to decades of “bloody battles,” the countries “decided to accept for the borders we inherited.”

“Rather of forming nations based on a hazardous nostalgia for the past, we opted to look forward to a greatness that none of our numerous nations and peoples had ever known,” he added. “We must continue our recovery from the embers of dead empires in a way that does not plunge us back into new kinds of control and oppression,” he stated, rejecting the use of force to reconcile peoples separated by borders created by the empire’s fall.
The US called Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement a “unprovoked violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” and endorsed Ukraine’s request for an emergency UN Security Council meeting. Western governments have frequently cautioned Russia not to recognize separatist areas in Donetsk and Luhansk, fearing that doing so would jeopardize the fragile ‘Minsk’ peace accord in a territory with an estimated population of four million people.
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