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Kenyan woman refuses to return Ksh 7million mistakenly paid by USA government

We all know how perilous financial transactions, especially those involving significant sums of money, maybe if they are not handled carefully. A single-digit missing from one’s account number can result in financial loss. A US-based Fund tasked with compensating victims of the 1998 US embassy attack in Nairobi is in this scenario. The United States Embassy Bombing Fund donated a stunning $7.4 million to one Mary Ngunyi Muiruri in error in 1998. Mary Njoki Muiruri was the genuine beneficiary, and she was meant to get $65, 683.50 USD.

The mistake in recording the beneficiary’s middle name was made by the MM attorney’s legal firm, which Njoki had hired to sue for compensation. The money was transferred late last year, but the fund’s management obtained a court order last month freezing Mary Ngunyi’s account. Earlier attempts to repay the money failed because Mary Ngunyi refused to grant the bank permission to transmit the money back. Due to regulatory regulations, the bank was unable to reimburse the funds.
Surprisingly, Ngunyi’s account currently has only 633 shillings ($5,553 USD) in it. Nguyi allegedly took the money by writing nine different checks, according to the bank. Ngunyi has stated that he will not reimburse the money. The Fund has filed a lawsuit against her. In addition, the Fund has sued the bank for failing to reverse the funds. The bank has rebutted the charge, claiming that it was not aware of the compensation procedures and was unable to determine the genuine recipient.
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