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Kenyans Count Millions of Loses after Amazon Web Worker Africa Turned Scam



Some Kenyans are counting their loses after they invested their money in a yet Ponzi scheme online company turned to be a scam and run with their money.

The company vanished after a section of Kenyans invested millions in total only to realize that their investments never paid off as expected.

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According to Abdul Dida, he termed such people as fools for blindly putting their money while expecting returns on money you never sweat for.

There is a group of idiots who invested their money in a pyramid scheme called Amazon Web Worker. Needless to say, the fools and their money have parted ways. Sadly, such people are also allowed to vote. We should introduce some exam before registering someone as a vote,” Stated Dida.

He also suggested that the IEBC should introduce a voter registration exam to determine the mental stability and IQ before becoming a voter. He insists that it is such people who vote for wrong reasons without pondering on their decisions.

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The Amazong Web Worker had become the talk of town within a month that saw most unemployed youth rushed to refer friends into the application for a quick and easy buck. For a faster trending, the company spread rumors that it was an affiliate company of the original Amazon Company.