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Kenyans in vast numbers to attend Kibaki’s burial despite bad weather

Members of the public begun to arrive early at Nyayo National Stadium in preparation for President Emilio Mwai Kibaki’s official funeral. Before being admitted inside the stadium, the general public was subjected to a thorough security inspection. They were not permitted to bring food or bottled liquids such as water or juice into the venue.

Before entering the stadium, those carrying food, water, or juices are advised to eat, drink, or leave the things outside. Fred Matiang’i, chairman of the National State Funeral Steering Committee, asked members of the public who wanted to attend the mourning service to arrive by 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

He explained that this is to allow individuals who have travelled from outside the city to exit the event early. “We’re going to hold the mass until around one o’clock,” Matiang’i stated. The interdenominational memorial ceremony is being led by the Catholic Church.

Kibaki will be laid to rest at his home in Othaya, Nyeri County, on Saturday. On Saturday, the remains will be transferred by road to Othaya Approved School for another mourning service before being interred.

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