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Kenyans narrated how they were conned, and others shared how they scammed in the name of love.

You’ve probably heard of the Tinder Swindler. You’ve probably seen it or are planning to see it since it’s the talk of the town. If you haven’t already done so, please do so to observe how “Character development” is handled on a worldwide basis rather than simply within our own borders.
“How can you let a man fool like this?” ponders the majority of those who have viewed this documentary once it is over.

“Tinder Swindler” would never happen in Nairobi, according to a Twitter joke, since our “Kanairo” gals would just ask you, “Wah!” “Utado?” you could ask. and keep the ball rolling.They say that the movie would have been five minutes long. But boy (and girl) are they wrong. There are Kenyan women nursing massive heartaches because they have a similar experience to the girls in Tinder Swindler. They will probably watch it with tears in their eyes.

Last year, a celebrated doctor went on her Facebook and asked opened the flood gates with this post; “Let me start a #MeToo on stories of men conning women with the woo of romantic relationships. Anyone courageous enough to share their story can post in the comments section. Otherwise, my inbox is open for DM and I can share anonymously.”

Thousands of women are repaying loans and attempting to get their lives back on track following their traumas, and her comment section has turned into a therapeutic forum for them. Dr. Amakove’s post has received over 1,000 shares and 12,000 comments, and the material is equally as eye-catching as Cecilie Fjellhoy’s, the Norwegian woman who was duped out of Ksh.25 million by Shimon Hayut, who pretended to be a billionaire on famous dating website Tinder.

Like this woman, who promised to lend her architect ‘husband’ Ksh.1 million to help him buy a car after he sold his.”I offered to help the guy buy a car when he sold his. Gave him a million shilling loan, that he would pay. He paid in full. He got my trust. He bought a Forester,” she confessed to Dr Amakove. “…I sold my Demio at 430k and sent him the whole amount because I wanted to upgrade. He wanted me to take a loan for 6M, but we settled at 3M. This was to add to my Demio money and get me a car for about 1.7M, the rest was to buy land…” she recalled.

According to this unwilling graduate from the school of character development, her lover went on to buy a Mercedes Benz with the entire Ksh.3M.”Let’s just say, the next thing I saw was the coolest looking Mercedes Benz at my doorstep. He had spent the whole amount. He changed the narrative, that I seemed to have really wanted the Mercedes,” she added.

“Suffice it is to say both cars were in his name and he has since stopped paying the loan when we broke up. Sold both Forester and Mercedes, he now has a hilux.” Another woman claims she had the picture perfect relationship with her man…”He took me out to expensive places. Before you know it, we are going on vacation. Many termed us couple goals,” she shared on Facebook.

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