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KILIFI: A Man in Kilifi caught pants down, chewing neighbors wife as the husband attends Azimio Rally

Omari,a resident of the expansive Kiwandani area in Kilifi, returned home from a political rally earlier than expected only to come and find his dear wife of ten years in his matrimonial bed eating the forbidden fruit with non other than his immediate next door neighbor called Joseph.

Omari an ardent supporter of local politics, was already nursing a bruised ego brought up by the early dismissal of what was expected to be the mother of all political gatherings ever to be witnessed due to lack of quorum.

On reaching home, he opened his door and made a dash to the kitchen only to hear moans coming from his bedroom.

He tip toed to his bedroom and that’s when he confirmed his worst fears ever.

Filled with rage,he contemplated storming the bedroom but his inner voice advised him otherwise.

He came to the wise decision to involve the neighbors to come and bear witness to what was happening at his kasarani stadium as he used to cheekily refer to his bedroom that way.

Neighbors and passersby thronged the house armed with all sorts of crude weapons baying for the blood of traitors.

When Omari gathered enough courage to confront the man who had managed to make his dear wife moan to cloud nine, they were shocked beyond disbelief to find Joseph a next door neighbor, a confidant,a best friend, a longtime buddy of his was the culprit who had been dipping his unchristian hand in his cooky jar.

As we write, Joseph is fighting for his life in the hospital and the wife is long gone.

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