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King Kaka addresses claims he fathered his house manager’s child

Rapper King Kaka has responded to accusations that he may have fathered his home manager’s children. As a family man, King Kaka and his wife Nana Owiti enjoy honoring their two children while also remembering their house manager’s son. Some people commented on the child’s resemblance to Nana Owiti’s kid in images published by the couple today, as though King Kaka fathered him as well.

“I’m not sure why they look so similar. They’ve been together for a long time. We clothe them similarly… People on the internet are simply foolish; they are attempting to promote stories that do not exist “In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, the rapper revealed. King Kaka described the youngster and his mother as members of his family. “Since the birth of my baby, we’ve had a lengthy relationship with my house manager. Over an eight-year period.”
King Kaka was named the official brand ambassador for Itel electrical products today. “Every time I sign a contract, I know I’m dealing with customers I’ve known for years. It means I’m in a position to speak with a manufacturer; I’m acting as a go-between. I am really enthusiastic about the items I promote; if I don’t like it, I will not use it; I am here to represent the people “On the endorsement, King Kaka remarked.
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