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KISUMU: Streets to be shut down as County Government plans a street Christmas Party for residents

Kisumu residents are set to welcome the birth of Jesus Christ in style after the city management announced plans to host a street Christmas party.

Acting City Manager Abala Wanga says the Jomo Kenyatta highway and Oginga Odinga streets will be closed on Friday from 8pm.

Wanga says they have partnered with several entities like the Kenya Breweries Limited and Coca-Cola who will host the event.

He further states there will also be a kids playing ground as families celebrate Christmas.

Several Luo artists will also entertain locals, with the city boss adding that security will be beefed up.

“On 24th to 25th we’re closing the streets in Kisumu. The governor is opening the street for a Christmas party. We have listed 24 restaurants, 11 wine sellers…and we have 4 musicians and a children playing area. We’re welcoming all the residents of Kisumu for the street bash, Hollywood-style,” said Wanga.

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