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KITUI: Son impregnate mother using Love portions


Son Impregnates Mother 3 Times Using Love Portions in Kitui

A family in Muasieni village, in Kitui West, were on Friday afternoon after their son confessed that his 3 siblings are his children.
Brian Muthoka 27 years old demanded the custody of his two brothers and sister claiming they were his children. The shocking move made by the young man was brought before the Kavioko Location Chief Mr. Amos Musenya who interrogated Brian and his mother.

Brian confessed that in 2015, he sort the services of a witch doctor after 5 girlfriends left him. The witch doctor told him that he was impotent and the girls’ ancestors were driving him away from them. The which doctor then gave him some white substances and instructed him to pour into his mothers shoes.

” I did as I was told and since then I have sired my three children which I now demand for their custody as their father”, Brian stated.

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