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KNUT Rejects Attempts to Bring Back Corporal Punishments in Schools


Kenya Secondary schools have experienced a purge of cases involving students torching their schools and other disciplinary issues, including teachers’ stubbing.

These cases have caused an uproar among a section of parents across the country, claiming the removal of corporal punishment has contributed highly to the mess that is experienced at the moment.

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Consequently, many have called for the reintroduction of strict disciplinary action in schools. However, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) opposed the suggestion amid the rise of indiscipline issues.
Based on our sources, the KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion said that the reintroduction of the corporal punishment would put teachers at risk of aggressive students.

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Instead, he opted to remove boarding schools from the Kenyan academic system to give parents a chance to tame their children.
“We will not accept the return of corporal punishment which will put our teachers in conflict with the learners. If they want to return it, let them post police officers in schools that will be doing the caning job because these teenagers are likely to kill the teachers.” Stated Sossion.
The SG responded to Education Cabinet Secretary statements that the cane will help teachers deal with indiscipline students.