Home GOSSIP Living large! Comedian Mulamwah flaunts wads of cash to his fans online.

Living large! Comedian Mulamwah flaunts wads of cash to his fans online.

While unwinding in the hamlet on Monday, the comedian used his Instagram stories to flaunt at least Sh1 million in cash. The comedian can be seen calculating money while enjoying his ‘Githeri’ in a series of films.Mulamwah has invested heavily in the Bodaboda sector and currently he owns over 15 motorbikes. This investment has been making him money while still helping unemployed youth in his rural area make a living.

Speaking in an interview with Churchill Show, Mulamwah said that so far he owns 15 bodabodas in Trans Nzioia, County and is also expecting more soon.
“There are so many in Trans Nzoia but they are keeping the youth busy and away from crime. “Right now I have 15 but I have ordered two more. I used to hang out with some friends who are unemployed and I decided to give them boda bodas so we can both help each other. In Kitale bodaboda earn about Sh300 per day,” he said.

This equates to about Sh4,500 per day or Sh135,000 per month with 15 motorcycles. Mulamwah can use the money to help his siblings pay for school, his grandmother, and other aspiring comedians. Mulamwah lost one of his motorcycles in January 2021 after robbers kidnapped one of his riders.
“We lost one , we replace it with a brand new one , new baby no 10 ready for the road . The hustle must continue irregardless . God is always on our side na Pole pole Tu tutafika. The hunt for the lost bike still continues though ( KMFD 423Q ) , thanks for all your support towards retrieving it , dm if you got any info ntashukuru sana . To my Boda Boda guys across the country let’s all be a symbol of hard work not violence and hooliganism . Let’s change the notion of KONKI 💪,” shared Mulamwah.
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