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Lulu Hassan Discloses It Was Kanze Dena’s Idea to Have Rashid Abdalla Replace Her at Citizen TV

Lulu Hassan said when her best friend Kanze Dena was leaving the station for State House, only the MD and she knew about it
They then began searching for her replacement but couldn’t see any who could have similar chemistry to the one the two ladies had
According to the Swahili news anchor, during a retreat, Kanze pitched the idea to poach her hubby Rashid To replace her on-air and everyone agreed

According to the filmmaker, her hubby was cool with the idea of the two working together and the rest of the team agreed because the two already have chemistry because they are married.

She also said that between the two of them, Rashid is the strict parent at home and she’s the cool mum.

When asked about her friendship with Kanze, she said, she met Kanze when she was a shy lady who didn’t go out much.

The celebrated TV personality opened up about working with her hubby and shared that the two never get angry at each other before going on air.

Lulu said that working with Rashid plays a crucial role in cementing their relationship on air.

The Citizen TV anchor added Kenya would be far ahead if employers allowed spouses to work together.

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