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Mama Ngina Kenyatta cuts Mau Mau woman’s decades-old dreadlocks.

Muthoni Wa Kirima has proudly worn her dreadlocks for 70 years as a testament to her role in Kenya’s independence battle against colonialists. She was a frontline combatant in the forest for seven years. On Saturday, however, the 92-year-old freedom warrior shaved her six-foot-long dreadlocks in a ceremony seen by former first lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta, who was her friend throughout their time in the jungle and imprisonment at Kamiti Prison.

Ms Muthoni was a prominent figure in Kenya’s independence movement, and she was the only female commander to have the rank of Field Marshall during the liberation battle since she actively participated in it. Other ladies were tasked with spying on the Mau Mau rebels or delivering food to them. Ms Muthoni said removing her dreadlocks showed that the government had honored her demands as a liberation warrior during the shaving ritual, which was also attended by other freedom fighters. Ms Muthoni, on the other hand, did not specify which desires were fulfilled.
The former first lady performed the shaving ceremony during a closed-door meeting at her house in Pembe Tatu estate, Kamakwa in Nyeri town. Mama Ngina Kenyatta, who spoke at the event, expressed her gratitude for being chosen to shave the freedom fighter’s hair. She claimed that preserving hair for such a long time represented a great deal of persistence on the part of the freedom fighters in the face of oppressive colonial oppression, and that it should be given the respect it deserved.
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