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Man causes a  scene as he seeks to speak at President  Kibaki’s funeral service

After running to the dais, a man nearly disrupted the State funeral service of late President Mwai Kibaki. Soon after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech, the guy hurried to Arch Bishop Martin Kivuva and asked for a few minutes to speak.

“I only have two minutes to say a few words. I only have two minutes to say something, “‘I heard him say,’ he was overheard saying. The man of God, on the other hand, politely denied his request and requested that the mass orderlies gently accompany him off the stage.
“He is a son of our country who is heartbroken by the death of our president. Please be courteous to him “Kivuva insisted. He was promptly hauled away by security officers.
The individual is thought to be the same one who claimed to be the late president’s grandson at Parliament Buildings on Tuesday. The episode was captured on camera and went viral, with the man crying out that he was a beneficiary of Kibaki’s free education initiative.
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