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Man commits suicide after the girlfriend he educated left him for another man


We are living in the era of “anything is possible” in the sense that even society’s most untouchable sins have been activated and continue to create more havoc.

It doesn’t go a day without our dailies and mainstream media reporting about domestic killings which have risen out of third-party lovers.

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This is a case of a jua kali artisan from South Nyanza who for a long time has dedicated his time to the bee farmer by making beautiful boxes but however, saw honey in a person and that person was a naive beautiful form four leaver whom he thought was the love of his life.

Like fate would have it, the two fell in love and for years they pronounced their commitment to each other. It is within the very few years that the man toiled so hard to raise school fees and upkeep money so as to push his dear wife to be through university education and Law for that matter.

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The young beautiful lawyer would afterward graduate and instead of going to her loving husband to begin her life as a good grateful wife, she chose to be married to another man and mercilessly slapped the jua kali hustler with a wedding invitation text for an event scheduled to take place in December.

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So what did the man do just the other day? He decided to put a rope to his neck and decided to go be with the Lord. That is if the Lord will invite him to His dinner table.

What a heartless woman.