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Man Dies After Setting His Family on Fire in Nanyuki


After allegedly setting his family on fire amidst a heated argument with his wife in Nanyuki, a man succumbed to burns. The fire caused his death and two of their daughters as wife survived after neighbours intervened.
According to reports from the neighbours, the couple was always in frequent arguments, making the wife flee to her rural home to have some peace of mind during the holiday season. Upon her return, it seems to have angered James, which led to torching the house including his own family.

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As reported by the woman who is now receiving medical treatment, the deceased husband arrived home. After they had supper, the couple got into an argument which was followed by the tragic ordeal. He is said to have poured a gallon full of petrol on his wife along with the two daughters and set them on fire.

Sadly, the man and his two daughters could not make it after the neighbours and well-wishers intervened in their rescue. The husband’s family blamed the neighbours of ignorance for not interfering early enough to solve the family’s arguments. They also urged the enraged residents to include family members in solving family problems as it reduces tension while finding favourable solutions.

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