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Man Dies While Devouring His Mother-in-Law’s Honey Pot


There have been numerous immorality cases in the current era as aged men die while having sex with their partners. It is yet to be revealed why the cases have increased and the actual cause of their deaths. Even though people mostly associate them with blue pills, there has not been proof connecting it to the said drugs.

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Nonetheless, the recent mysterious case of a man who died in Kisumu while having sex with his mother in law is shocking. This issue was beyond the blue pills as residents considered it a curse from God for committing such an immoral act. Who has the guts to “pekejeng” with his mother in law?

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Residents were attracted to the incident after the lady screamed for help. According to sources, the lady stated that the man developed breathing difficulties, and it was not long before he died. It is sad how men continue to lose their lives over the honey pot. Are we brewing a generation of underperforming men?

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