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Man ends 6 year relationship marries a wife the mother chose for him

Breakup is something experienced oftenly in this world we are living in expecially this generation where people have forgotten what love is.

It’s not a shock to anyone once you breakup with your loved but then depends on what form of breakup it was.

Some get tougher incidences than others making them regret having let a certain person own their heart and give them all they want.

In an incident a lady was left in tears after her six year relationship ended up unsuccessful despite giving her heart out.

The young lady cried uncontrollably after the man she was dating for the last 6 years ended up marrying another lady that the mother chose for him.

Shockingly we are in the days that no one expects that their parents would chose for them the person they are supposed to marry.

Unlike old days where people got into forceful marriages after their parents chose who they are going to spend their life’s with.

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