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Manna from heaven! She left a broke Husband then an angel fall for the husband

Poverty should not be a weighing point for love, but many women leave their marital homes.

Shock hit one woman in Cameroon who left her husband, who had seven children, due to poverty.

Broke as he is, the story left him heartbroken and devastated at the same time, not knowing what to do next.

 I can Date Broke Men, says Socialite Huddah Monroe.

Thinking through the thick line, Marcel never had it easy with his heart as his woes kept on growing each moment he thought of his children.

God is for us all. One fateful day, lady luck came knocking in his life, and yes, one Canadian lady who was in the country for some study and holiday bumped into poor Marcel, and the rest is history.

Love grew into life, and life was well watered by the love they shared. When the time to leave came, the Canadian wedded Marcel, adopted all the seven children, and took them to Canada.

As expected, the African woman came back claiming her spot in Marcel’s life, but Alas, the time has indeed changed.

Manna from Heaven!

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