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Man’s who fell in a broiler at a steel company to be buried

Losing your loved one is one part of life that nobody wishes to experience but then its part of life. Getting to burry ashes adds onto the pain since no one is able to see their loved one again in one piece.

Caleb who died at a steel factory has left his colleagues shocked after they heard what transpired to Caleb’s death at the moment.

Caleb is said to have sent his colleague to bring him ugali and Vegetables for lunch after he had given him an amount of ksh 50.

On his way back with the food Caleb was no more. He was said to have fell in the broiler after his gloves got stuck in the metals.

That being the end of Caleb his body remained unrecognized and only a tooth and ashes were recovered from the scene.

His family set to bury the deceased ashes and a piece of tooth remained so sorrowful to the colleagues and everyone who knew about Caleb.

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