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Mboka ni mboka. An undergraduate works as a security guard to earn a living

Mary Kinuthia who is a Murang’a university criminology student works as a guard at night. She spoke to the nation on August 14th saying that she began looking for side hustles at her second year of study. This tells how much this lady has been struggling financially while at school.

“I came to Murang’a in 2017 I was joining the first year in 2018, due to financial constraints, that is when I began doing some side jobs. It was my own business. I hawked cosmetics to students in their hostels as well as outside,” said Kinuthia.

She went ahead to add that her business collapsed when the corvid 19 pandemic hit the country in 2020 where the learning institutions were closed. For her survival then, she had to contact the security firms where she landed a job as a security guard at the Murang’a county referral hospital. When the pandemic had subsided she opted to shift her duty to the night schedule so she could attend to her studies during the day.

Kinuthia has found it difficult balancing her classwork and her duty as a guard at the hospital. She finds herself studying at the gate when her duties are less. She is currently at Murang’a level 5 hospital. So many university students are enjoying themselves but to her, she doesn’t have a social life since she is ever busy. She said that she choose to work part-time so she could aid her father who is struggling financially.

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