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Media personality Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o says he will return to his radio job if his stab into elective politics is not successful

Jalang’o, a Kiss FM radio host, is counting down the days before he can focus on his parliamentary campaign in Langata.

In February, the comedian is slated to step down as host of the Morning Kiss. This is in compliance with Media Council rules, which provide that a journalist seeking a political position must quit six months prior to the election. Jalang’o, on the other hand, has no plans to leave radio for good because he loves being in the entertainment industry.

Jalang’o claimed in an exclusive interview with Kiss that if he loses his Langata parliamentary seat, he will return to the studio.”In my life, I have never done anything that I have to lose. God forbid…if I lose, is that the end of the world? We pick up from where we left and move on. I have even been made to sign a very hard contract here…that if I lose, the next day I will be in the studio,” Jalang’o said.

The comedian further divulged that if he succeeds in his political mission, he will keep the entertainment fire burning in parliament.

“One thing I am not going to leave is entertainment. I love entertainment, I wish I could still come back and do my radio and go to bunge. Being a leader should not change who you are. I still love hosting events, why should i stop? I am going to multitask,” he said.

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