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Members of the Outlawed “Team Shamba” Arrested


A man is popularly known as Mike Rasta, a resident of Kikambala-Maweni, approached members of a vigilante group called Team Shamba found in the locality. They gave them a proposal that was too irresistible for them. He told them he wants them to get rid of a particular farm caretaker he claimed was on one of the illegally acquired pieces of land he considered theirs. He promised them he would pay each one of them a thousand shillings after killing the caretaker and disposed of the body. He showed them fake documents, dubious court orders, and title deed purporting ownership of that disputed piece of land.

The outlawed Team Shamba of about thirty youths who were already high on drugs, which comprises of school dropouts, petty thieves, and junkies, armed themselves with crude weapons and descended upon the disputed farm they found the caretaker going on with his daily routine. They went ahead, beating and cutting the farm caretaker with reckless abandon. The farm watchman, who was a bit far from seeing what was happening, called for reinforcements over the phone, in turn, who called and asked police based at the Kijipwa Police station to offer more reinforcement.

Within no time, police arrived at the shamba and surrounded it. Team Shamba felt overpowered and had to surrender their crude weapons. They were all arrested and taken to Kijipwa Police Station pending conclusive investigations. The farm caretaker was rushed to the hospital, where he continues to recuperate. Mike Rasta was also arrested for being the mastermind of the operation. They will be arraigned in court soon. We will keep you posted.

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