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Men described as easy people to lure into your life

In the last many years now , everyone believes that a man supposed to be the person who hunts a lady inorder for them to come to be who they are in their life’s.

Most of the men supposed to get into a woman’s Dm then try and express their love for them and wait for the lady to prove if they are worthy having them in their life’s.

For ladies nobody expects that a lady will get into a man’s dm and express themselves on the undying love they have for them.

Once one is found doing that it is seen as an act of lowering their stardards instead of raising them high.

However a lady who met a man on Facebook advised ladies on not waiting until men Dm them.

Stating that men were easy people to lure into being with only by calling them handsome and they are into you.

“Men are easy. All you gotta do is call them handsome, and they will put out “, she said.

Reacting on the ladies post another lady expressed her disappointment on how she was left on seen after getting into a man’s dm.

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