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Millicent Omanga Gets a Share of Netizens Bile after Swiping on Uhuru’s Speech in President Magufuli’s Funeral Service



The nominated senator Millicent Omanga made an unwittingly statement that got her into conflict with some netizens after ridiculing a part of the president Uhuru’s speech during a funeral service in Dodoma , at Jamuri Stadium for the late President Magufuli.

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The president passionately stated his admiration for Pombe’s lessons that a country can prosper without foreign aid. However, that did not confer well with Omanga and she went on tweeted to disagree with the president but in an ingenious way.

“Angel Gabriel said today in Tanzania that he learned the art of self-reliance and independence from donor funding from John Pombe Magufuli. Mwalimu Magufuli had many students,” stated Omanga on her twitter account.

However, the banter on the Kenyan president did not go well with her as it sparked so many reactions that reminded her that her political affiliation is no way better.  Even so, this does not make it the first time the nominated senator has bantered on Uhuru.

Last year on December, she faulted Kenyatta on the grounds of delegating duties meant for his deputy to a minister. This was when the president went for a month –break.