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Milly wa Jesus was criticized for taking  vacation days after giving birth to her child.

Milly wa Jesus, a content producer, has been on the internet’s radar since taking an Easter vacation two weeks after giving birth. Milly and her husband, Kabi wa Jesus, spent Easter in Nanyuki, accompanied by Sarah and Simon Kabu, a ‘power couple.’ A group of fans questioned how quickly the Wa Jesus hit the road after Milly gave birth just two weeks ago after they shared their itinerary information on social media.

“Can you tell me if the infant is old enough to travel?” The opponents questioned, “Is Milly suitable to travel?” Milly responded to the critics by stating that she has a kid with her, but it is in a different area. She went on vacation with her sisters, who were assisting her in caring for the newborn. “Why do people get so upset when I take my kid out to nurse in a separate location?”
“As you can see, I’m drinking, eating, and having a good time,” Milly explained. The Wa Jesus were on the minds of fans last year, who were anxious about their repeated getaways. They wondered if they would have time for Taji, their firstborn child, since they would be leaving him behind while they went on trips.
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